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NO, light pollution is not just a problem for birds and insects.🦋

NO, it is not just about saving electricity.⚡️

A clear night sky full of stars has a positive impact on our well-being, cognition and consciousness.🙂✨

It´s about us.

Light pollution can lead to health problems. It disturbs our day-night rhythm. It also has a negative impact on the quality of sleep. This can lead to stress-related problems such as high blood pressure, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. Also, the regulation of melatonin, a natural hormone in our bodies, is disturbed, which affects our immune system.

From a psychological perspective, the assessment of light pollution comes down to answering a single question: How does it feel to never be able to see the stars?  The starry sky has inspired generations, advanced science, shaped cultures and religions, and given people hope.

Light pollution, like any other kind of pollution, is a sign of recklessness and ignorance towards people and nature.

Please turn off the light when not in use. Tilt your floodlights down so they only shine on your property. Avoid disco beamers in your events. Do not project your advertisement on the night sky. The night sky is a universal heritage, not a business case. It belongs to all of us and to you too.

Thank you
Panagiotis Xipteras

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