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Here is a port of my telescope, eyepiece and CCD software for the legendary "HP-12C Platinum" calculator. You may find it useful for astrophotographic and visual work since it computes some important properties of your telescope system for a given eyepiece and camera combination.

Download it now for free for:

HP12C Platinum (only)

HP-12C (all other editions)

How it works:

You enter:

- Telescope aperture
- Focal length
- Eyepiece focal length
- Eyepiece field of view
- Pixel size of the CCD camera
- Light frequency

You get calculated:

- Surface of this aperture
- Focal ratio Magnification
- Exit pupil
- Field of view of the telescope (FOV)
- Maximum resolution of the telescope
- CCD resolution
- Light power of the telescope

DISCLAIMER: I have no affiliation with HP or any other manufacturer for that matter so I don’t really care if you buy their stuff over another. This app is my property and has been solely developed by me. Clear Skies, Panagiotis Xipteras

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