Alps 2022

Astronomy was a fascinating science since ever. Three thousand years ago, my Greek ancestors were practicing astronomy without any technological aid. They were driven by handwritten equations, and their common sense. Nowadays, the astronomy community faces a comfortable situation. The Digital Age allows the development of high precision optics, and fine mechanics. Powerful hardware and software systems set astronomy within range of every enthusiast.

But our times aren't rosy. The increasing light and air pollution obstruct our night sky experience. Space debris and countless satellites of reckless companies hinder  astrophotography. In order to minimize their damage on my work as an astrophotographer, I extensively make use of special filters and complex photo processing algorithms. Don't be fooled about the nice results here. The sky over my observatory is horribly polluted. I always try to hide its ugliness from you, as good as I can. To restore its beauty should be our duty.

I wish you clear skies and thanks for reading.

Panagiotis Xipteras

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